Kozak Natalia, Ukrainian poet

I am Kozak Natalia, a student in year 9 of Khmelnytsky Gymnasia #1. I was born on 13th of July, 1991 in Khmelnytsky. When I was five years old, I started learning English. In 7th form I tried to make my own translations of poetry. Knowledge of English allowed me to read works of the English and American poets in original, and of course, I wanted to share all the emotions I got with my parents, friends, however, the language barrier didnít allow. That is how my first translations in Ukrainian appeared. Approximately at that time I began to write my own small pieces of poetry both in Ukrainian and in English.

In year 2006 I participated in the Small Academy of Sciences, where I was defending my research work. I took 1st position in a section English language. In the work I was exploring the specific features of literal translation on the example of my own translations of the works by the American poetesses and the poetesses of Podilliy region. This year I continued my scientific study. And with the improved work on of translating activity I took 3rd position on the republican competition.

In the future I would like to become a journalist. I wish I could communicate with different interesting people, travel and have friends all over the world. And also I would like to continue my poetry and translation activity.

In the Evening

In the evening, when we get together

And listen to the whisper of the weather,

I listen to the journalistsí stories.

They are told by my Mom.
And tomorrow these stories
Will be read in the morning Ė
In the newspaper columns.
Oh life, how interesting you are!
I've heard of the happiest mother:
Her seven daughters do not need other!
A prehistoric plant was found
Just some month ago.
The President has been elected,
The parliament wasn't accepted...
An old lady has won a fortune.
Oh life, how strange you are!
Once I have heard of a boy,
Handsome, tall and full of joy.
He had just graduated from school
And was not older than me.
He shared his smile with the sun,
His eyes were beaming with fun.
The one, to fall in love with.
Oh life, how beautiful you are!
But... The grass was coming out of his eyes
And mask of death was not so nice...
He lay in the valley of Chechen,
Where I have never been before.
Or in Iraq in the scorching sun,
Or in the jungles of Vietnam,
Or in Ukraine 1941.
Oh life, how cruel you are!
I don't want to see this story
In the morning newspaper.
Sorry... Not today, not tomorrow, never.
I beg you, be peaceful, my life!

ó Kozak Natalya

Ukrainian poet: Anna Shelestun

I was born 10/01/1991 in Khmelnitskiy. I study at school #1 with distinguish learning of English. I am the pupil of the 10th form. I would like to be a journalist in the future. Thatís why I attend journalist courses and English courses. I like to write poems and essays. Also I am fond of English. My dream is to visit our sister-city Modesto.

My mother and grandmother took part in the exchange program of Modesto-Khmelnitskiy and visited Modesto.

Letís join our efforts together

Ukraine, the country of forests and lakes,
Carpathian mountains, beautiful landscapes.
The feeling that so proud me makes!
The country that my heart always breaks.

Friendly people, smiling faces,
Stretching a helpful hand.
Going into the future rapid paces
These are citizens of my land.

We always dream to live in peace.
We are people enjoying the wonders of life,
Giving to those we love our kiss,
Always want new challenges to strive.

All of us are children of our Earth
Nevertheless living to East or West,
Succeeding in doing our best
In spite of differences everybody has.

People, living in another part of the world,
Letís join our efforts together.
Peace on our planet must be held
Even we have another climate and weather.

ó Anna Shelestun

Future poets from Khmelnitskiy. Photo: Zoya Didenko