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The Federal Communications Commission has granted the Modesto Peace/Life Center a license for a full power FM radio station that will broadcast throughout Stanislaus County and beyond. We have two and a half years to get the station on air. It will cost at up to $50,000 to start-up.

We want this to be a community-driven station. We need your help. We need:



To help, please contact James Costello, 209-402-9191, or


To donate, send your check to the Modesto Peace/Life Center, P.O. Box 134, Modesto, CA 95353. Write “Radio Station” in the Memo. For Paypal online, go to Click on “Donate.” The Center is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization; donations are tax-deductible.


FM 95.5 Mission Statement

On Community Radio, FM 95.5, The Modesto Peace/Life Center will promote peace, social justice, and a sustainable environment through nonviolent change. We’ll focus on regional issues and local talent, with a lively blend of multicultural music and the arts. We invite broad participation from community groups and local citizens to help us inform, entertain, and stimulate interest and involvement in the betterment of our community.

From Stella Beratlis: As an erstwhile deejay at community radio station KDVS in Davis, I know how important it is for communities to have independently-run media for public affairs, news, and music. From the standpoints of intellectual freedom and community engagement, community radio is essential: it's a democratic form of media; it allows us to hear music and programs we would never otherwise have a chance to enjoy; and when it's done right, it engages the imagination. I'm excited to help the Modesto Peace/Life Center's new radio project find a group of supporters and potential volunteers.

About the station: the Modesto Peace/Life Center just got its construction permit last year in August to build a full-power FM radio station. They are first planning web streaming to help get the word out that they are creating a radio station.

They don’t have the equipment to do this yet, so that's where we come in!

ACTION: To help, go here: