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Recipes from Connections, an index to the recipes that have appeared in Connections in the last couple of years.


Roots and Fruits is a series of articles by Central Valley peace people--their reminiscences; and history of the peace movement in the Stanislaus region.


San Joaquin Connections is a sister publication of the Peace and Justice Network of San Joaquin County.


peaceCENTER is the website of the San Antonio Peace Center, and an excellent resource.


Looking for a quotation on topics like peace, brotherhood, justice, freedom?  Try the Topic Archive of Quotations (over 200 topics). peaceCenter also has an excellent selection of peace quotes.


Middle East Alert:   Alternate Sources of information:
   Israel/Palestine Center for Research and Information


Links to areas of the Web related to Connections' core issues


American Infometrics hotlinks page includes links to many community organizations in the Modesto/Stanislaus area.

Stanislaus Connections is a publication of the non-profit Modesto Peace/Life Center and Stanislaus Safe Energy Committee.

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CONNECTIONS encourages free speech to serve truth and build a more just, compassionate, peaceful and environmentally healthy community and world. We welcome pertinent signed articles - up to 800 words - and letters with address and phone number. We reserve the right to select and edit for length, taste, error and libel. Our deadline is the 10th of each month. Letters, articles, and comments may be submitted to Connections by email, or send typed article on paper or on 3.5 diskette to CONNECTIONS c/o Myrtle Osner, 1104 Wellesley, Modesto 95350.

Since 1971, the Peace/Life Center has promoted non-violent social change. CONNECTIONS' editorial committee views peace as built on economic and social justice and equal access to the political process. Peace is grounded in people developing spiritual, intellectual and cultural resources to live with integrity and serve humanity with generosity. Peace is connected to the earth; socially responsible living calls us to respect the environment as well as people.

Via CONNECTIONS we seek to enhance community awareness and concern, bridge interests of diverse groups, work together on common problems. We challenge ourselves and others to seek non-violent solutions and thus hope to nurture a deeper commitment to a better world.

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