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OPINION: The community’s alarm clock

A screaming siren cracking the silence can definitely be annoying. Yet, we all understand why the siren is disturbing our precious peace and quiet. Visualizing positive or negative scenes may sound psychic and down right corny; but the mind can produce a great deal of energy so why not use it toward someone that is hurting. If nothing else, thinking and visualizing helpfulness toward a fellow human being can direct you into being a whole person. Being friendly and having sincere care toward other people is your greatest asset. It is greater than prestige, power, and money. It stands to reason someone who doesn’t give a rip about other people is a mooch riding the coattails of society’s goodwill. The sound of a screeching siren can turn that mindset into an unconventional way to help your community.

Does a siren really get your attention? Does it rattle your spinal cord right down to your tailbone? It should. I think it would get your attention if you had just assaulted someone, robbed the local liquor store, or stolen a car. It would also get your attention—if you happened to be conscious—lying in a puddle of blood, gasping for every breathe, or trying to pull that knife-like burning sensation of out your chest. Whether you’re the victim from someone else’s crime, the victim of an accident or medical problems, hearing a siren is like the cavalry coming to the rescue.

There are three distinctive groups that rely on sirens to clear the way from mash potato-headed drivers. They are fire and rescue, police, and the ambulance services. When either one of these civil groups broadcast their comings, it is an opportunity for breathing, law abiding citizens, to stop and visualize help and comfort.

Unfortunately, people flock to a tragic scene. In fact, these curious types have been known to create more harm than good. They tend to congest traffic so the people that need to get through and do their jobs our unable. There are some who are willing and qualified to help and make a difference. Nevertheless, when the siren commands, it is in everyone’s best interest to stay clear and let the professionals do their job. Isn’t that why we pay taxes so these civil servants can perform with dignity and duly noted reward?

Sirens can be compared to an alarm clock. Whether you prefer waking up to a popular song that sticks in your head the rest of the day or the cranium crushing BOP! BOP! BOP!, it makes no difference; the result is the same. It is time to get up and get going or you will be late. Not getting out of the way of a siren’s warning won’t necessarily make you late but it might aggravate the rescuers enough so that they can’t perform their jobs effectively. You wouldn’t want that on your conscious, now would you?

Next time you hear a siren, stop whatever you are doing and pray for mercy and comfort. If you don’t believe in a divine being that mysteriously cares for the planet, then visualize positive scenes where the injured are being helped. This sounds like a lot but understand the mind can work within a matter of seconds. Remember, sirens are not just another annoying noise. Simply put they are a “spur of the moment” call to help out fellow human beings who are either hurting or are rushing to the scene to help. You can guarantee that the civil servants and the injured parties will greatly appreciate all the help they can get.

End cruel farming practices

Thanks you for your efforts to end cruel farming practices against helpless animals about to be slaughtered. As a wonderful spiritual leader once said, “Every day is a holocaust for animals.”

Animals don’t vote or donate to politicians. Most can’t even let us know when they are suffering.
I urge everyone to get informed and let our leaders know we will not tolerate animal cruelty, whether it’s to a cute kitten or a sick cow.

Carol Benson