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Links to areas of the Web related to Connections' core issues:

Interesting Web sites

        Prepare for virtually any natural disaster with the Natural Disaster Preparedness Guide:

        • Complete guide to support groups at

        • Calculators for a sustainable environment: contains car payment and car use calculators and links to many calculators to help people reduce their energy footprints.

        • Comprehensive guide to help homeowners navigate through the complexities of homeowners insurance providers and policies. Useful tips, expert advice, and thoroughly researched data to help you compare different provider options. Visit

        • Valley Improvement Project's mission: to improve the quality of life of under-represented and marginalized residents of California?s Central Valley. Oongoing events visit V.I.P. at Email:


"Web Sites for Activists"

Alternative News Sources:

Free Speech Internet Television Michael Moore Pages The Earth Times--"Environment. Education. Society. Business. Culture. Media. Nature. Politics. Population. Online News -- Daily on the Web"

FAIR--Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting

Norman Solomon Page         Media Beat--collection of Solomon's columns

Green Party News Page

Websites for Northern California Peace and Justice Groups

Peace & Justice Network of San Joaquin County RESOURCE CENTER FOR NONVIOLENCE - Santa Cruz
San Jose Peace Center Tri-Valley CARE (Communities Against a Radioactive Environment) - Livermore
Mount Diablo Peace Center - Walnut Creek
Sonoma County Center for Peace & Justice California Peace Action - Berkeley

Grassroots Peace and Justice sites beyond Northern California

Peace Action The Dallas Peace Center, the oldest and largest peace and justice organization in North Texas
Ground Zero Center for Nonviolent Action, Poulsbo, WA The Institute for Peace and Justice, St. Louis, MO
Peace & Justice Center, Burlington, VT
Traprock Peace Center, Deerfield, Massachusetts "Together We Explore Nonviolence, Foster Community, Work to end war, Promote Communication & Take Initiatives on Justice and Environmental Issues"  The link page on this website has an outstanding collection of related links.

Living Lightly Links (Environment)

The FOOD Initiative Home Page
Sustainable Development--from the President's Council on Sustainable Development
The Center for a New American Dream--responsible consumption
The Center for Community Action and Environmental Justice Sierra Club-Yokuts Chapter Northern Alaska Environmental Center Stanislaus Chapter Audubon Society Friends of the River

Protecting the Environment

League of Conservation Voters

Justice Links

Links to Justice sites from The Justice Store Amnesty International

Global Exchange

Combating Poverty and Hunger

Heifer Project International Church World Service
Habitat for Humanity

Diversity/Multicultural Links

Multicultural Cafe

Multicultural Events Calendar--find out world holidays of this month and cultural events, birthdays, and other significant events from many cultures.


Institute for Global Communications--IGC is the Progressive Internet networking location and includes PeaceNet, EcoNet, LaborNet, WomensNet, and ConflictNet

Justice-Peace-Environment HotLinks

The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Site--speeches, biography, and more
The Martin Luther King, Jr. Papers Project--a more scholarly look at writings by and about Dr. King

People For Peace/World Peace 2000

United Church of Christ Justice and Peace Ministries Page
Justice and Peace on the Web-links from the UCC

American Friends Service Committee

The Nonviolence Web

The Center for Public Integrity

Planning and Conservation League

Bruderhof Peacemakers Guide - Fighting For Peace

The Mining Company is a unique search engine/expert system, with several sections devoted to  issues related to the themes of Connections.

Mining Company--Human Rights area Mining Company--Race Relations area