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    Recovery Resources for Teens:

    Talking to Teens About Alcohol:

    Mesothelioma Guide:

    Achieve Wellness & Recovery:

    Chapters Recovery Center:

    Male Sexual Health Issues:

     Guide to Veterans Affairs Benefits & Loans:

    Mental Health Resources:

    E-Bike Safety Guidelines for Seniors:

    Self-Medicating with Alcohol:

    Growing Food in Small Spaces:

    How to Grow Food Year Round:

    50 Digital Resources to Help You Manage Your Mental Health During the Holidays:   

    Fun and Rewarding Activities for Those With Dementia:

    Connection Between Substance Use Disorders (SUD) and Mental Health:

    Using Cannabis Safely to Help Veterans with PTSD:

    Teeth Straightening Kit: 

   Discount Glasses Without Insurance:

    Best Invisible Braces (Clear Aligners):

    Home Improvements With People With Disabilities:

    Depression After Drinking:

    How Effective is Rehab?:

    Home Water Conservation Guide for Parents with Kids:

    BRC Healthcare: Bringing Real Change:

    Natural Disaster Risk Management:

    Is Bad Eyesight Genetic? 

    Phishing, Pharming and Other Internet Scams:

    Nashville’s Premier Alcohol and Drug Addiction Detox Program:

    VA Loan Calculator:

    Ultimate Guide to Offshore Software Development:

     A Guide to Eco-Friendly Downsizing and Minimalist Living:  

    Living with a Rehabilitated Drug Addict:

    How to Plan an Eco-Friendly Wedding:

    Teenagers and Alcohol Use Disorder:

    Connection Between Alcohol & Depression:

    Mental Health Guide for Students:    

    Recovery Resources in Florida:

    Substance Abuse Help for Healthcare Students and Professionals:

    Northern Illinois Recovery Center:

    PTSD Self-Test:

    Child Safety Resources:

    Which DNA Test is Most Accurate:

    Home Renovation Grants For Veterans: 

    Water Conservation Guide for Homeowners:

    Addiction Treatment Programs in Washington State:

    Addiction Treatment Programs for Women in California:

    LED Lights and How They Help the Environment:

    Nashville’s Alcohol & Drug Addiction Detox Program:

    How to Choose Energy Efficient Deck Lighting:

    Security & Your Cell Phone:

    End Your Addiction:

    Mesothelioma Law Center:

    Startup Resources:

    Small Business Grants for Minorities:

    Grants for Seniors:

    Starting an Earth-Friendly Business:

    Guide to Travel Safely:

     Talking to Children About Cancer: 

    Phoenix Rising – Drug & Alcohol Recovery:

    All About Sleep Paralysis:

     10 Best Cars for Beginners: 

    Veterans Guide to Starting a Business:

    Flood Safety and Preparedness Guide:

    Storage Tips for Active Duty and Military Personnel: /

    How Nurses Can Combat Compassion Fatigue:

    Addiction Treatment Resources in West Palm Beach, Florida:

    Eyes Exams Without Insurance:

    What are Prism Lenses:

    Sober Living Homes:

    How to Save Water at home:

    Online Counseling Degrees:

    Counseling Career Guides:

   Men and Aging: Guide to Maintaining Health, Wellness

    How do Solar Panels Work?

    Calculate Your Solar Power Energy Savings:

    Shopping Local for Your Environment & Community: A Guide for Consumers & Small Businesses:

    5 Key Tips for Creating a Relapse Prevention Plan:

    Opiates: From Prescription to Street Drugs:

    Help and Advice on Quitting Smoking:

    Justice for Birth Injuries:

    Understanding and Coping with Stress:

    Alcohol and Veterans Use Disorder:

    Bipolar Disorder Self-Test:

    More Addiction Resources:

    Effects of Child Abuse and Childhood Trauma:

    LA Drug & Rehabilitation Resources:    

    If You Are Suffering From Addiction:

    Companies that Hire 14- and 15-Year Olds:

    Privacy Concerns: Covid-19 Immunity Passports:

    Opioid Withdrawal and Detox:

    Drug & Alcohol Detox Treatment:

   Coping with Sleep Paralysis:

   Green Tips for Homeowners: Making Your House and Yard Environmentally Friendly:

    Understanding Childhood Trauma and Addiction:

    Internet Privacy in the Age of Surveillance:

    Harmony Place Addiction Resources:

    Intrepid Recovery:

    Addiction Intervention:

    Dental Care for Teens & Young Adults:

    Orthodontic Treatment for Adolescents & Teens:

    Clear Aligners: How They Work, Brands, Costs:

    Health Care for U.S. Veterans:

    Veteran: Choosing a Trade Career:

    Best Drug Rehabs in Florida:

    Impact of Traumatic Brain Injury:

    Free Online Therapy:

    Signs of Sleep Apnea:

    Home Repair Grant for Veterans: /

    Guide to Protect Your Children on Their Smartphone:    

    Simmons Cancer Institute:

    Best Value Colleges:

    Improving Sleep Quality in the Elderly:

    Addiction and Homelessness:

    Inpatient Alcohol Abuse Treatment in Orange County:

    Addiction Treatment for Everyone:

    Eye Conditions and Treatment Guides:

    Masters in Social Work:

    How to Succeed in College:

    Maintaining Oral Hygiene as You Age:

    Scholarships for US Entrepreneurs 2021:


    Military Family Guide to Finance:

    How to Maximize Your Military Benefits:

    Service Members & Veterans Guide to Starting a Business:

    Mental Health Resources & Support for College Students:

    Best Drug & Alcohol Rehab Center Near You:

    Guide for Veterans in Transitioning to Skilled Trades:

    Veteran's Guide to Digital Jobs:

    Guide for Veterans Entering the Construction Industry:

    Guide to Asbestos in the Home:   

    COVID-19 Military Support:

    Housing Assistance for Vets:

    Best Jobs for Servicemen:

    Degrees in Cybersecurity:

    Types of Cancer Screenings for Every Age:

    Ways to Advocate for Yourself as a Cancer Patient:

    Alcohol Use Disorder:

    Lung Cancer:

   How Long Does Meth Stay in Your System? 

    Find Out About Meth Sores:

    Am I an Addict? An Addict Self-test:

    Addiction Rehab Treatment Guide:

    Resources to help loved ones of someone with a drug addiction:     

    79 Resources for Managing Seasonal Affective Disorder:   

    Help for Families Struggling with Alcohol Addiction:    

    Veterans Guide to Starting a Small Business:

     Addiction Rehab Centers-Addiction Resources:

     Resources for Teen Drug Abuse:

    CouponFollow's Interactive Military Discounts Guide:

    DETOXLOCAL: Drug & Alcohol Detox Center Directory:

    Drug and Alcohol Rehab Guides, Resources, Support:

    Common Substance Use Disorders:

    Effects of Illegal Drugs on the Heart:

    Alcohol Rehab Help:

    Eco-Friendly Pet Owner's Guide: Reduce Your Carbon Pawprint:    

    Employment, Housing & Financial Guide for US Veterans:    

    Ultimate Home Energy Efficiency Guide:

    Cybersecurity Guide:

    Guide to Hurricane Security:

    Substance Abuse Help for Healthcare Students and Professionals:

    Guide to Mental Health and Wellness as a Medical Professional:

    Guide to Colon Cancer: Risk Factors, Diagnosis, and Survival:    

    Saving Money Through Water Conservation:

    Prepare Your Finances for a Natural Disaster:   

    Essential Money Management for Youth in Transition:

    Digital Resources for Mental Health:

    Eyeglass Resource Guide:

    Color Blindness Guide:

    Age & Eyesight:

    Corneal Ectasia:

    Sleep Calculator:

    International Phone Use:

    How to Save for College:

    Testicular Cancer Resources:

    Snooze Clinic-CPAP Machines, supplies:

    When to Consider Rehab for Addiction:

    Resources for Veterans & the Homeless:

    Massachusetts Addiction Resources:

    Opioids & Pain: Traditional vs. Alternative Approaches:   

    Substance Abuse Treatment Services in the United States:

    Comprehensive Addiction Services:

    Transformation Addiction Services:

    Increase Happiness and Productivity at work:

    Alcoholism in Veterans:

    Small Business Grants available to Female Entrepreneurs:

    Donation Pick Up or Drop Off Options Near You:

    Free Grants for Felons:

    Recovery from Opioids:

    What Can You Do with a Degree in Public Administration? -
    Guide to Online Public Administration Degrees -

    Tips for Kids to Save Energy:  

    Mental Health Issues Affecting High School & College Students:

    Find a Highly Experienced Mesothelioma Lawyer:

    Mesothelioma Justice Network:

    Veterans Resource: Mesothelioma: 

    Mesothelioma and Veterans:    

    Addiction Treatment for Veterans:

    Addiction Resources for American Communities:

    Alcohol Rehab Help:

    Mixing Propranolol and Alcohol:

    11 Best Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers For Veterans:

    Addiction Resources for Parents:

    Opioid Recovery Program:

    Creating a Peaceful Home to Improve Mental Health for Veterans:

    Financial planning for a natural disaster:

    Comprehensive Resources on E-waste:




    Reduce your E-Waste here:

    Best at Home Bodyweight Workouts:

    Changing Careers: Finding Your Place in Healthcare

    Eco-Friendly Guide for Airbnb Hosts:

    Alcohol-Related Medical Conditions:  

    How Does Mental Health Affect Your Sleep?

    College Students Guide to Ergonomics:

    44 Statistics About Ovarian Cancer:

    Calculate your blood alcohol:

    Can DNA predict addiction?:

    Preventing Teen Prescription Misuse:

    How to Dispose of Expired Prescription Drugs:

    Financial Help for Single Mothers:

     Tips for Moving Sustainably:

    Guide to Hazards of Zantac (attorney group):

    100 Places That Offer Military Discounts:

    Effects of Drug Addiction on Oral Health:

    Teaching Degree Programs:

    Speech Pathology Degrees:

    How to Get loans to Study Abroad:

    Education & Teaching Guide Speech Pathology:

    Preparing for a Natural Disaster:

    Top Environmental Issues Today:

    How to Become an Addiction Counselor:

    The Best Auto Insurance for 2020:                  

    GUIDE: 55 Ways to Save Money on Internet Safety:

    Dangers of mixing sleeping pills and alcohol:

    Vape Danger: 

    Resources and Guides for Students:


            Public Administration Program Fundamentals:

            Public Policy Career Overview:

            Public Health Career Overview:

     Sleep and PTSD:

     PTSD & Sleep:                

    Sleep Resources:     

    Another Guide to PTSD and Sleep:

     Comprehensive resource: Car Recycling:

    Sustainable Home Decor Guide: Ethical and Eco-Friendly Design Tips:

    Mattress Disposal Guide:

    5 Eco-Friendly Hacks to Eliminate Obnoxious Stains:

    Basement and Home Energy Efficiency Guide:               

    How to Get Teens to Stop Vaping:

    Consumers Mortgage Guide:

    Blood Alcohol Calculator:

    Free Grants for Women:

    How Climate Change affects human health

    Contingency Management effective in fighting addiction for veterans:

    What veterans should know about sleep.

    Substance Abuse and Addiction Treatment for veterans.

    More Substance Abuse and Addiction Treatment for veterans:

    Staying Green While Traveling: Reduce Your Carbon Footprint!

    Substance Abuse Resource for CA residents:

    Addiction Center Inpatient rehab:

    Energy Efficient Tax Credits Guide

·              25 Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Alternatives for Your Home

        31 Ways to Ditch Plastic in Every Room

·                               How to Save Energy During the Summer

·                    How to Use Coffee Grounds in Your Garden

    25 Surprising Uses for Coffee Grounds:

    Waste Water Calculator:

         Alcohol Addiction Guide:

    Alcohol Self-Assessment Test:

          Grants for Native Americans:

    Energy Efficiency for Small Businesses:

    Junk Car Recycling Facts and Info:

    The Clunker Junker automotive recycling services:

    Military Housing Resource Guide for active duty military, veterans, and their families:

    Free Grants for Veterans (and others):

    A Complete Guide To Driving Electric & Hybrid Cars:

    The Beginners Guide to Driving Electric Cars:

    Information for people and their loved ones suffering from Addiction:

    THE JOB CIRCLE Modesto Sound offers Audio Technician training classes for those 13 and older. Hands-on learning Live Sound, etc. $200 (limited scholarships available).     209-573-0533,;

    Website that helps low-income women with finding grants and financial assistance programs. Free Grants For Women,

    Home Insulation & Energy Efficiency Guide:

     Interactive Disaster Database Map:

     Fiscal Tiger’s guide on Eco Friendly Habits for a Green Lifestyle:

    The Simple Guide to Healthy Living on a Budget in 2019: 

    Ways to conserve water at home:

    Vehicle Recycling: An Eco-Friendly Alternative:

    American Addiction Resources:

    Struggling with addiction? Pinnacle Peak Recovery has an extensive list of support groups at

    Tulane University's School of Social Work has released a resource guide on homelessness and poverty among students and youth.

    Green Living guide:

    Essential Guide to Sinkholes or Ground Settlement issues in Florida. Interactive, searchable maps for affected properties:

    Veterans and addiction:

    Veterans Comprehensive Guide to Drug Abuse:

    Veterans Resources from Recovery Village:  

    Veterans suffering from addiction and depression, seek help, explore support groups at

    Student's Guide to Studying Abroad -  

    Prepare for virtually any natural disaster with the Natural Disaster Preparedness Guide:

    Complete guide to support groups at

    Calculators for a sustainable environment: car payment and car use calculators links to many calculators to reduce energy footprints:

    Comprehensive guide to help homeowners navigate through the complexities of homeowners insurance providers and policies. Tips, expert advice, and researched data to help you compare different provider options. Visit

    Homeowner’s Guide to Sustainability:    

    Valley Improvement Project's mission: to improve the quality of life of under-represented and marginalized residents of California?s Central Valley. Ongoing events visit V.I.P. at Email:

Alternative News Sources:

Free Speech Internet Television Michael Moore Pages The Earth Times--"Environment. Education. Society. Business. Culture. Media. Nature. Politics. Population. Online News -- Daily on the Web"

FAIR--Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting

Norman Solomon:       

Green Party News Page

Websites for Northern California Peace and Justice Groups

Peace & Justice Network of San Joaquin County RESOURCE CENTER FOR NONVIOLENCE - Santa Cruz
Tri-Valley CAREs (Communities Against a Radioactive Environment) - Livermore
Mount Diablo Peace & Justice Center:

Sonoma County Center for Peace & Justice California Peace Action - Berkeley

Grassroots Peace and Justice sites beyond Northern California

Peace Action The Dallas Peace Center, the oldest and largest peace and justice organization in North Texas
Ground Zero Center for Nonviolent Action, Poulsbo, WA

The Institute for Peace and Justice, St. Louis, MO
Peace & Justice Center, Burlington, VT
Traprock Peace Center, Deerfield, Massachusetts "Together We Explore Nonviolence, Foster Community, Work to end war, Promote Communication & Take Initiatives on Justice and Environmental Issues"  The link page on this website has an outstanding collection of related links.

Living Lightly Links (Environment)

    Complete Solar Power Guide:

    Global Food Initiative: EcoNetSustainable Development--from the President's Council on Sustainable Development

The Center for a New American Dream--responsible consumption
The Center for Community Action and Environmental Justice Sierra Club-Yokuts Chapter Northern Alaska Environmental Center Stanislaus Chapter Audubon Society Friends of the River

Protecting the Environment

League of Conservation Voters

Justice Links

Amnesty International:

Global Exchange

Combating Poverty and Hunger

Church World Service:

Habitat for Humanity

Heifer International:

Diversity/Multicultural Links

    Multicultural Café:

    2020 Multicultural Events Calendar: 


The Martin Luther King, Jr. Papers Project--a more scholarly look at writings by and about Dr. King

People For Peace/World Peace 2000

United Church of Christ Justice and Peace Ministries Page
Justice and Peace on the Web-links from the UCC

American Friends Service Committee

The Nonviolence Web

The Center for Public Integrity

Planning and Conservation League

Bruderhof Peacemakers Guide - Fighting For Peace