Roots and Fruit

Vol.I, No. 2 Summer, 1998

Tread gently on the earth.
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Roots and Fruit is a quarterly publication which chooses to explore in two areas:

• What happens in peoples’ lives when the individual tries to practice ideals, sometimes known as conscience.

• A second emphasis is why there is a Peace Center for the Modesto area when logically a farm area in the San Joaquin Valley would seem to have a much too conservative political climate. Some influences to consider:

a) Migrant ministry of Home Missions Council, Council of Churches, Los Angeles

b) Church of the Brethren: Waterford, Empire, Modesto

c) Fellowship of Reconciliation meeting monthly in Church of the Brethren, Modesto

d) World War II Conscientious Objectors

e) Rural Life Conference, California

f) Tuolumne Co-op Farm, Modesto

g) Saturday Night Group

h) Delta Friends Meeting

i) Livermore 1957-60

j) Everyman 1962

k) Concerned Citizens

l) Self Help Enterprises

There is no intention to comment particularly on the political issues of the late 1990’s.



MARIETTA DOWNING — homemaker, teacher, activist.

GORDON NUTSON — partner in Wolverine Building Service, draft counselor, Methodist, World War II Conscientious Objector.

AARON BELANSKY — World War II Conscientious Objector, accountant, active with San Jose Peace Center.

MACK WARNER — civil rights activist — the resurgence of farmers markets was his baby to encourage small family farmers — Friend.

SAMUEL R, TYSON — small family farmer who spoke out for the right of farm workers to organize.


Published by

Modesto Peace/Life Center

Stanislaus Safe Energy Committee

P.O. Box 134
Modesto, CA 95353

Roots and Fruits Associates: Kay Barnes, Elizabeth Lester, Samuel R. Tyson

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