Roots and Fruit

Vol.I, No. 3 Fall, 1998

Tread gently on the earth.
You are here but a short while.

Roots and Fruits Associates: Kay Barnes, Elizabeth Lester, Samuel R. Tyson


VI HARDIES KLASEEN — Ten years on Tuolumne Co-op Farm (Illinois Ave., Modesto). Part of Saturday Night Group (Modesto) at Livermore Rad Lab, August, 1960.

AARON BELANSKY — Attended Peace Center gathering at La Paz, California 1997, long time active with San Jose Peace Center.

DAN ONORATO — Involved with Peace/Life Center since its beginning, Safe Energy, Solar Faire 1978. Stanislaus Connections, Ecology Action, Language Arts instructor at Modesto Junior College.

SAMUEL R, TYSON Traveler on the road to block any and all nuclear intrusions — radioactivity is not good for living things.

Published by

Modesto Peace/Life Center

Stanislaus Safe Energy Committee

P.O. Box 134
Modesto, CA 95353

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One part of Roots and Fruit is about risk. People did die as Conscientious Objectors(CO) in Civilian Public Service but there is little mention of that. Tax withholding is a risk. Visiting the Nevada Nuclear Test Site is a risk. Leafleting at Livermore, the welfare funded scientific intellectual Auschwitz, is a risk. Even being a part of a Peace Center, mild as that is, can be risky. It is easy to get on the FBI list or some unknown will take mug shots of you on the street.

Society hates any deviant from the norm and will find a way to punish, whether the offbeat be sexual, political, social, or religious. Look on differences like CO or Peace Center as the 1% lever of change and do not be surprised if it is lonely out there. Change, which may be progress, is a slow-process with an ever receding horizon, much as in nature.

* * * * *

When conscience runs deep, then comes the fruit. We are of nature, the fruit may turn out as imagined or quite different. Stated differently, when the light of conscience leads the way there can be no assurance as to results. The individual has necessarily given up control and acts upon belief.

* * * * *

Roots and Fruit is also a sociological look at the specific roots of the Peace Center in Modesto. How come, who, what, when, where-insofaras it can be retrieved from memory and/or files.

Roots and Fruit is a retrospective consideration of peoples lives in relation to conscience when it calls for more risk than that of the ordinary daily risks of family, job, and highway.


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from Roots and Fruits, a publication of the Stanislaus Peace-Life Center and the Stanislaus Safe Energy Committee

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