Roots of a Peace Center

Samuel R. Tyson


How was a Peace Center possible in a conservative farm area such as Stanislaus County. It is not a university center such as Santa Cruz or San Jose. Nor is it an area of liberal politics like Walnut Creek. Yet the Peace/Life Center is the only staffed office facility in the San Joaquin Valley.

There were or are special advantages:

• Church of the Brethren (Modesto, Empire, Waterford)
• Fellowship of Reconciliation meeting monthly at original Church of Brethren, Sierra Drive, behind Modesto High School
• Tuolumne Coop Farm (off Illinois Ave.)
• Seventh Day Adventists
• WWII Conscientious Objector concentration in the area
• Church World Service (Emerald Ave.) (Church of the Brethren)
• Yearly training session in Modesto Migrant Ministry, Council of Churches (Los Angeles)
• Wolverine Building Service
• Delta Friends Meeting

Saturday Night Group - met weekly early 1950’s to late 1960’s.

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from Roots and Fruits, a publication of the Stanislaus Peace-Life Center

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