Ian Thiermann Letter

October 8, 1995

Dear Sam:

I regret that this may be too short for you, but I can give you some insights as to the Modesto scene.

In 1947 I read about a proposed intentional community that two Methodist ministers were developing in Modesto and that they had also a place to live. This seemed to be an important place to start after CPS, so that my wife and I, who was about to have our second child, went there to live and work.

George Burcham, who has died and Wendell and Ruth Kramer, who I believe are still alive, were the Methodist ministers. Wendell and Ruth have just moved to Box 803, Etna, California and they could fill you in on the details.

We stayed one year. There were three crop failures and I could not see a future so I left after that time. I have great regard for Wendell, Ruth and George but I felt too insecure to remain. They continued the farm for about ten years after that and others also joined, but I do not know when it terminated.

I was aware that there was a CPS group in Modesto who were operating a painting business and I worked for them for a short time also. I can’t remember their names. I believe they were associated with the Brethren Church and they may have started a peace center there. The Kramers would certainly know.

I hope that this is of some help.

Best regards,

Ian Thiermann

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