Roots and Fruit

Vol.II, No. 1 Spring, 1999

Tread gently on the earth.
You are here but a short while.

Roots and Fruits Associates: Kay Barnes, Elizabeth Lester, Samuel R. Tyson


MARY WELCH — quilter, part of Tracy community before Korea disintegrated it.

BOB MARSHALL— WWII conscientious objector, decades spent on :sweat equity" housing, continues to volunteer to help low income participants.

DAN POLLOCK — former Modestan fully active in the campaign to stop nuclear power. Turning pancakes for years at annual Pancake Breakfast at Burbank Community Center was part of his activity.

SAMUEL R, TYSON helped with rural low income housing before nuclear power issue arose locally. Opposition included General Electric, Pacific Gas & Electric, Modesto Irrigation District, Turlock Irrigation District.

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Modesto Peace/Life Center

Stanislaus Safe Energy Committee

P.O. Box 134
Modesto, CA 95353

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Since 1965 Self Help Enterprises(SHE) has attempted to help low income rural people obtain adequate housing. The Washburn Fund was a memorial to the first Executive Director. It acts ås a revolving fund to help people obtain "sweat equity" housing when normal channels are inadequate. It will gladly accept donations of $25. to $25,000. to make funds available for more homes.

Howard Washburn Housing Loan Fund (Tax Exempt)
P O. Box 351
Visalia, CA 93179-0351

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For those who may be looking: Agape Foundation, 1095 Market St., Suite#304, San Francisco, Ca. 94103 . . .A non-profit celebrating 30 years of funding nonviolent social change - founded by active pacifists. Sample of grants: Human Rights and the Drug War, California Coalition for Women Prisoners, Sweatshop Watch, Low-Income Self-Help Center Project.

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One part of Roots and Fruit is about risk. People did die as Conscientious Objectors(CO) in Civilian Public Service but there is little mention of that. Tax withholding is a risk. Visiting the Nevada Nuclear Test Site is a risk. Leafleting at Livermore, the welfare funded scientific intellectual Auschwitz, is a risk. Even being a part of a Peace Center, mild as that is, can be risky. It is easy to get on the FBI list or some unknown will take mug shots of you on the street.

Society hates any deviant from the norm and will find a way to punish, whether the offbeat be sexual, political, social, or religious. Look on differences like CO or Peace Center as the 1% lever of change and do not be surprised if it is lonely out there. Change, which may be progress, is a slow-process with an ever receding horizon, much as in nature.

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from Roots and Fruits, a publication of the Stanislaus Peace-Life Center and the Stanislaus Safe Energy Committee

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