A Modesto Peace/Life Center-Stanislaus Safe Energy Committee Publication

        "Tread gently on the earth.
        You are here but a short while."

In Memoriam, Sam Tyson, d. June 17, 2002

A Tribute to Sam Tyson, by Jim Knox
Sam Tyson: A Witness for Peace for the Children of the World, by Sandy Sample

Additional Unpublished Articles, Spring 2002

Role of Non-Violent Action Called By CNVA

On Possibilities for Peace

Numbers8 & 9, Spring 2002

Number 8 Number 9
  South Africa
Take A Stand Comments on Christanity
Time-Part I Influences: The Physicists
  Memories: The Modesto Peace/Life Center

Numbers 6 & 7, Winter 2000-Spring 2001

Number 6 Number 7
The Early UFW Years: A Personal Perspective Civilian Public Service--One Phase
Civil Rights Civilian Public Service Work Strike
Diablo Canyon Statement on Vietnam
About the Authors of these issues Lives That Made a Difference
  Tuolumne Co-Op Farm

(No Number 5)

Volume II, Number 1 -- Spring 1999 (Number 4)

Charles Welch Family, Pacifists Self Help Enterprises, A Brief Review
Self Help Enterprises-Stanislaus County Stanislaus Safe Energy
Stanislaus Safe Energy Committee About this Issue/Author Profiles/Potpourri

Volume I, Number 3 -- Fall 1998

Tracing My Feminist Roots The Adventures of a Conscientious Objector During WWII
Castle Air Force Base Christmas Season - 1972
Cheyenne 1958 About this Issue/Author Profiles/Potpourri

Volume I, Number 2 -- Summer 1998

CPS Wife During World War II Journey II
My Greatest Experience Farm Workers
Aaron Belansky:  Form 47 About this Issue/Author Profiles

Volume I. Number 1

Telephone Tax Journey
Seagoing Cowboys

Ian Thiermann Letter

Civilian Public Service Experiences A Tale Wart and All
Roots of a Peace Center Rhetoric and Reality
About this Issue/Author Profiles

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